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Cinderella 2010

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Set 1 mainly 1st dress rehearsal Set Robin Dyers
Set 2 mainly 2nd dress rehearsal   Odds and ends

Cinderella of course - our Panto this year,
Lots came to see it - from afar and quite near,
We hope they enjoyed it - as much as the cast,
And hope their fond memories - a long time will last.

Rehearsals this year - a bit slow at the start,
We couldn't quite get into - our roles or our parts,
But we all had one thing - firmly in sight,
Just keep on going - it'll be alright on the night.

The chorus quite big - but we did as we're told,
Some of us meek - and others quite bold,
But we're rigid with fear - at one point of the show,
When the band starts the beat - of that dreaded calypso.

Sid and Eth - a bright pair not dumb,
She did tend to dominate - he was under the thumb,
We'd lose them occasionally - this was really no joke,
But we knew where to find them - out the back for a smoke.

Arwels Dandini - attracted the girls,
Was it his smile - or maybe his curls?
His embarrassment was clear - for everyone to see,
And the men were all thinking - I just wish it was me.

The two ugly sisters - had everyone in stitches,
As they tried every trick - to improve on their riches,
But they went a bit far - when trying on the slipper,
Poor Arwel was grabbed - and hung up like a kipper.

Hannah as Prince Charming - played the part to a tee,
But there's one thing I've noticed - just between you and me,
She acted so well - and was not at all coy,
Are you sure she's a girl - or is she really a boy?

Audience participation coming up - be ready.

James as Buttons - so clean and upright,
No misbehaving - or getting into a fight,
Too good to be true - some people may say,
But I'll get something on him - in the future one day.

Oh yes I will, All: Oh no you won't,
Oh yes I will - just see if I don't.

There's Lily as Cinders - always ready to smile,
Only the Ugly Sisters - could get her down for a while,
But prior to the Ball - her clothes quite a mess,
Then she transformed like magic - into a beautiful princess.


Meurig in black - not close to our hearts,
His role was to scare us - with lots of nasty parts,
The tax man, the taximan - and the devil as well,
If you're not very careful - he'll send you to hell.

John Cole as the Baron - all calm with allure,
Makes out that he's rich - but he's really quite poor,
Then he comes into money - and offers to buy us all drinks,
But when will we get them - not this year me thinks.

Sue as Doris - kept falling asleep,
What was the matter - did she keep counting sheep?
We had to shout loud - to get her to wake,
Then with pork scratchings galore - a great mess she did make.

There's Beth who was Lottie - and the Fairy Godmother,
She could switch from one character - straight into the other,
But she raised lots of interest - when she lifted her dress,
How far she'd have gone - we can only but guess.

'Orace and Norris - two loveable rogues,
They're quite out of date - not at all in vogue,
The first solo double act - they claim to be,
Heaven help the rest - if they're top of the tree.

The morgue is the place - where most men have to change,
Some think it's alright - but some think it quite strange,
So we have two nice ladies - to help dress and tuck us in,
And they're now walking around - with a permanent grin.

Our front of house team - are a credit to us all,
They usher the audience - from the street to the hall,
They sell lots of programmes - and raffle tickets a stack,
But have they all been recruited - by our own man in black?

I'm sorry not to mention - everyone around,
The Orchestra the Lighting - and Mr Mole on sound,
The Stage Hands the Management - all so very keen,
The Make Up the Dressers - we all worked as a team.

And finally - I'd just like to say,
How much I've enjoyed - being with you all the way,
We've had lots of fun - and some shed a tear,
But it's been so rewarding - so bring on next year.

John Sidebotham